Ubuntu is Windows?

What is this brave new world? Linux was once a “cancer” that needed to be eradicated by Microsoft but now (Ubuntu) Bash runs natively in the Win 10 command prompt (including Perl, python, apt, grep… All of it, I think)

I had been impressed by Microsoft embracing open source but this is something else. It’s very clever, it’s almost insane but it is brilliant!

Where Apple strives to make a tightly  locked ecosystem MS is creating something where anything is possible if it is possible. I sincerely hope this will join together the goodwill and ingenuity of open source communities with the mighty power and cutting edge hardware developed by Microsoft.

Imagine stuff like holo lense legitimately accessible to every hacker * and maker across a range of ecosystems. The possibilities are staggering.

Microsoft, just a few years ago looked like it had numbered days, a dinosaur. No longer. This kind of thing is exactly what the world needs.

Wouldn’t it be great if, for example, big pharmaceutical companies followed the same example, imagine the benefits that could come to the health of humanity.

* hackers are not people who break into people’s social media, bank accounts and the Pentagon (that’s criminals), hackers take existing things and use them to create new things.

Ubuntu is Windows?

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